Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson (Double Blue Vinyl Album)

Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson (Double Blue Vinyl Album)

Interpret: Brian Wilson

Reedice: 2015

Nosič: 2 LP

Label: Rhino Records

Seznam skladeb:

 LP 1.

Side A:

 1. Love And Mercy
 2. Walkin´ The Line
 3. Melt Away
 4. Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
 5. Little Children
 6. One For The Boys
 7. There's So Many

Side B:

 8. Night Time
 9. Let It Shine
10. Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
11. Rio Grande


Side A:

 1. Brian On "Love And Mercy"
 2. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
 3. Being With The One You Love
 4. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
 5. Too Much Sugar
 6. There's So Many (Demo)
 7. Walkin' The Line (Demo)

Side B:

 8. Melt Away (Early Version - Alternate Vocal)
 9. Night Time (Instrumental Track)
10. Little Children (Demo)
11. Night Bloomin' Jasmine (Demo)
12. Rio Grande (Early Version - Compiled Rough Mixes)
13. Brian On "Rio Grande"
14. Brian On The Source

Hidden Track: Brian Wilson Christmas Message

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